What is Shreducation?

Shreducation is a Rock Band community of streamers, viewers, and supporters that spread positivity and help each other achieve their goals. Our community is always growing and you're more than welcome to join. Check out my Twitch Channel to join the positivity.

Our mission at Eaves School of Shreducation is to educate and inspire plastic instrument players of all skill levels to reach their true potential. We do this through positive encouragement, occasional lessons, and the assistance of a plethora of experienced plastic instrument gurus.

Let's do some #treasuretalking and spread the love and positivity by saying positive things behind each other's backs.

Top Shreducation Sponsors


Adam is my beloved husband who has supported my streaming addiction since the beginning. He's the sweetest, most loving person that I know.


Kristie is one of the kindest, most supportive people that I know in the community. She's always there to make you laugh and keep the positivity flowing. #nogutter


Lance is my best friend and one of the most genuine, down to earth people I know. He's not only supported me financially but also emotionally throughout my streaming journey.