Jenni's Interview with Kristie

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Jenni's Interview with Kristie

Tell us something about you that we don't already know.

Most people think that I've always been a positive and optimistic person. In all honesty, I was a really pessimistic and cynical teenager back in high school. I hated people and didn't want to participate in social events and had no desire to be popular. It wasn't until I met my husband, Adam, that my life turned to the positive direction and I finally started to appreciate the beauty.


Jenni and Alicia in Wisconsin

(I'm on the right)


What's the story behind TheLadyEaves name?

When I first got Xbox Live, I started out with the name "Krazykohla" and stuck with that through most of my Guitar Hero and early Rock Band days. It came from a high school nickname I gave myself because I like soda, my maiden name is Kohl, and I like alliteration. After a few years I felt like I grew out of it and wanted something more unique and personalized to me. When I was first brainstorming names I wanted to get "MrsEaves" since I was in college at the time and MrsEaves was my favorite font. Unfortunately that wasn't available so I narrowed my options down to "Madam Eaves" and "Lady Eaves" and I felt like "Lady" fit my personality better so I went with it. "Madam" sounded a little too sexy for me.


(Who the heck is Krazykohla?!)


What's the inspiration for Shreducation?

So I was laying in bed one day thinking about how some people had awesome names for their Twitch following and wondering why I didn't. So I started brainstorming cool sounding words and phrases dealing with rock and roll. "Shreducation" came almost instantly to mind because it consists of a merge of shredding and education. Both of which I feel like I have the capability of doing on plastic guitar. I did a quick gut check past my husband, who was on board as well, and immediately adapted the name. Naturally, being a graphic designer, I jumped straight into sketching logo concepts. The brand just blew up from there.


What are your pet peeves while streaming?

I strongly dislike when people bring a "woe is me" attitude to my stream. "Why does no one play with me?" "You never play with me." This type of attitude doesn't guilt me into playing with people; it discourages me from inviting them to future bands. I also have a hard time keeping up with chat, so it's also difficult for me when people go off on two person tangent discussions that aren't relevant to my stream or the group. Overall I don't have many pet peeves as long as people are being respectful to each other and my stream.


What do you enjoy most about streaming?

I love the amazing community and the support that comes along with it. I've met so many spectacular people that I would've never met otherwise since I immersed myself in the community. I even met my best friend, Lance, through Rock Band. I also love spreading positivity and encouraging others to better their skill and themselves. Seeing other people achieve their goals gives me motivation and happiness, so I love supporting other streamers as well. 


What are your goals in regards to streaming?

Honestly at first I was just in it for the fun and curiosity of who would watch me play Rock Band. Now that I've grown my stream immensely, my current goal is to spread positivity and support throughout the streaming community. I'm currently focusing on Rock Band, but plan to spread to other game communities in the near future (Fortnite, Overwatch, Call of Duty, Clone Hero).


Special thanks to…

I would like to thank some amazing people that have made a really huge difference in my streaming life:

My husband, Adam. Even though Rock Band isn't even his thing, he has supported my streaming since day one. He's been on board with all my random streaming purchases to grow my stream and respects my streaming time. He even helped build me a streaming PC! Thank you, Addylove.

My best friend, Lance. He's supported me both financially and emotionally through my streaming journey. His loving, caring personality has helped me achieve so many game and life goals. Thank you for the immense support, Lance.

My amazing friend, Kristie. I don't think I've met a more positive, supportive stream cheerleader. Her laugh and jingle could melt even the hardest personalities. She's supported me throughout my streaming journey, modding, comforting me when I'm down, and being the top patron of my Shreducation store. Thanks, Kristie!


Lewis, Jenni, Lance, and Travis

 (Lewis, Jenni, Lance, Travis)


What makes your stream unique?

I like to think I have a unique stream skin and setup. I've taken inspiration from some amazing streamers (like Evybabee) and modified it to make it my own. I also feel like my positive attitude and skillset help differentiate me from a lot of other Rock Band streamers. Lady beasts do exist in the Rock Band community, and I feel like I'm one of them, which helps me stand out to newcomers. I also like to regularly band with friends and even random viewers. I play challenging songs and grind brutal mode to switch it up every now and then and keep people engaged. I also feel my "Shreducation" brand helps differentiate me.


How has streaming affected you personally?

Honestly it's given me more self-confidence and validation in my Rock Band skill. I've been more open and trusting of people thanks to all the amazing people I've met and I've been more positive and optimistic than ever. Even though low viewer-counts can bring me down some days, overall I appreciate the support of the community and look forward to each and every stream.


What can we expect in the near future?

I would love to do more charity streams and focus more on rewarding my top supporters and subs. I'm going to try to do Streamer Spotlight focused bands with members of the community as well. I'm going to continue to expand my store and continue to promote positivity within the community. I'm also going to stream different games in the near future, including more Fortnite and some Call of Duty when the new Black Ops comes out. Clone Hero is also on my radar now that I have a PC.


What do you expect from your mods?

I understand that everyone has lives outside of watching streams. So all I expect from my mods is to entertain my viewers when I can't keep up and to take care of anyone that's being unruly or disrespectful. I also appreciate the shoutouts from my mods for all the hosts, raids, bits, donations, etc. that I receive while I'm streaming. I have enough mods that I should always have a few in the channel to help me out, and I really appreciate all of their help. These are my dearest friends and I care about them SO much so I appreciate the love they give back to me.


What games do you stream?

Currently I stream Rock Band, Fortnite, Call of Duty, and Overwatch. But I do plan on expanding to more games in the future. We just built a PC so keep an eye out for Clone Hero streams.


Hobbies and other interests?

From my skill and experience, you would think Rock Band is my life. Of course this isn't the case. Outside of gaming, I enjoy playing volleyball 2-3 nights a week in women's indoor leagues (I play middle blocker mostly) and every now and then I step outside to enjoy the beautiful landscape that is Utah. I also enjoy designing in my free time and do a little freelance design work.


Ryan, Jenni, Lance, and Cal

(Ryan, Jenni, Lance, Cal) 


Most satisfying/memorable moment?

Honestly it's impossible for me to narrow it down to just one moment. Most of my most satisfying Rock Band moments involve meeting amazing members of the community in person. I've been to too many meet-ups to keep track of. The most memorable one recently was in California at Tracey's cabin where I met Tracey, Ryan, Lance, and Cal. We stayed at a breathtaking cabin on Donner Lake in California. Not only was the scenery and venue breathtaking, but the company was spectacular. I've also been to my good friend Matt's house where I met Brendan, Travis, Steven, and Zach as well.


Brendan, Travis, Lance, and Matt

(Brendan, Travis, Lance, Matt)

Cal, Lance, Ryan, Jenni

(Cal, Lance, Ryan, Jenni)

Cal, Lance, Jenni, Tracey, Ryan

(Cal, Lance, Jenni, Tracey, Ryan)


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