Streamer Spotlight: 18xxperson

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Streamer Spotlight: 18xxperson

Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Jonathan. I am from Hillsboro, Oregon. My family has moved a lot after my parents got married. I was originally born in Manteca, California. I am currently living with my parents right now but looking to be independent.

What are your hobbies?

I like to play board games with family and chess. The university that I go to has a chess club there that I attend every week. I like to play video games on the weekend. Usually I am streaming while I am playing video games.

What inspired you to start streaming?

I got initially interested in streaming due to my interest in speedrunning. I was trying to figure out what to speedrun when I saw Super Mario 64 DS being played at a Games Done Quick marathon. I realized that I was not getting anywhere with my Super Mario 64 DS streams. How those streams would work is I would try to get 80 stars in Super Mario 64 DS as fast as I could. I then streamed Rock Band 3 knowing that I had some interest in that game. I have gained some traction while streaming Rock band 3 and so this is why I still stream Rock band 3. I will likely stream Super Mario 64 DS at some point in the future.

What game(s) do you stream?

  • Super Mario 64 DS
  • Rock Band

What instrument(s) do you play?

  • Drums
  • Vox
  • Keys

What's the story behind your gamertag?

This gamertag came from my twitch username which is 18xxperson. I decided to go with this for my username because I felt that it was a good fit for a way to describe myself without giving my name away on twitch. The 18xx represents a genre of board games where the players are controlling various railroad companies trying to earn money for themselves which is used to invest in stocks. A combination of good stock decisions and good decisions about companies are required to win.

What makes your stream unique?

I stream pro keys on Rock Band 3 which many people do not do. Pro keys is the equivalent of the right hand of a real keyboard. I also organize Rock Band 3 full band streams every Saturday. I might not be able to do them all Saturdays because of college.

What's your favorite part about streaming?

I enjoy the chat interaction the most when I stream. At the moment, my streams have quiet chats but that might change in the future. I have met new people through streaming Rock Band 3.

What are the current goals or milestones you're working on?

I am mainly working on trying to get an affiliate for my stream. I am currently very close to that point. I am also looking to get a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science.
Make sure to check out Jonathan's stream for more awesomeness.

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  • Kris35710

    Nice to meet you. Good luck on becoming an affiliate! I’ll be rooting for ya!

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