Streamer Spotlight: VyktorX

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Streamer Spotlight: VyktorX

Tell us a little about yourself.

Bonjour! I'm Pat, 36 from Trois-Rivières, Canada. I speak French although the stream is mostly in English but / mais vous pouvez parler français, gènez-vous pas, mes mods sont habitués :) My english isn't very good so pardon me if I sometimes don't understand what was said and stumble when I try to speak. I work as a customer service technical support for a cable company for 10 years.
Pat with headset

What are your hobbies?

Besides gaming and watching Twitch and streaming, there's hardly any time to do anything else. Few people know I can snowboard and play tennis. I'm also a huge Superheroes fan (Marvel more than DC). I watch every superheroe series and movies. And I love The Walking Dead.

What inspired you to start streaming?

To meet people and show them what I can do. I started streaming in December 2014. Back then there weren't many people streaming Rock Band and Guitar Hero because you couldn't stream directly from the consoles and I was one of the few who could do it with my pc. It was a way to find people (with DLC) to play with because as we all know how the great the matchmaking engine is.
Pat playing drums

What game(s) do you stream?

  • RockBand 3-4 (lot of customs for rb3)
  • Rocksmith 2014 (yes, I play real bass)
  • ALL Telltale Games (I love all of them)
  • DJ Hero
  • Destiny
  • Assassin Creed
  • Life is Strange
  • …and a variety of other games.

What instrument(s) do you play?

  • Guitar
  • Bass
  • Drums
  • Vox
  • Keys

What's the story behind your gamertag?

My gamertag, VyktorX, is from my days in World of Warcraft (I haven't played this for over 4 years). I don't remember exactly how I arrived at this name. I think I was trying to find something that sound old. I've had it for years.

What makes your stream unique?

It's a place for music junkies. I try to be in party chats more so you can hear us having fun. I also provide comical commentaries to a few games like Telltale Games, Life Is Strange, etc. Also, if I'm not in a band, I can play your request. Most of the time I say yes.
Guitar Hero Cake

What's your favorite part about streaming?

I mainly stream for fun and talking to people helps me feel less lonely. Please don't hesitate to invite me to your games. I would enjoy the company.

What are the current goals or milestones you're working on?

I'm currently trying to maintain 1st place for Xbox brutal bass on Rock Band 4. I would love to make a living off of video games if possible but I know only a few can make it. I'm also trying to find a girlfriend with the same passion :) 

Who inspires you?

Special thanks to, or shoutout to Jenni. Thanks for this and all the tips for my stream. Huge thanks to Keren for all the support during and off-stream, you're the best. Special thanks to Kris who helped me write/translate this :)
Make sure to check out Pat's stream for more awesomeness.

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